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Old Republic Rum 80 proof


Old Republic Rum is a small batch white rum that is bursting with flavor!  Your tropical drinks will go to a whole new level of delicious!

Only ships to PA addresses.

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New Republic to Old Republic

During the American Revolutionary War, there was a great distillery located on the southern border of York County PA, which produced the finest whisky. It was called the “New Republic Distillery.” At the time, money was worthless, so this legendary distillery’s whisky was used to pay those who were willing to join the cause. As the fighting commenced, the British were intent to destroy the distillery, and eventually did. When the revolutionary fighters heard the news of its destruction, they because so angry, and fought so hard, that the tides turned, and they won the war.  To the history of Pennsylvania distilling and all the brave revolutionary soldiers, we raise our glass….. Cheers!

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 x 10 x 6 in


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